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LIKES ! sunset. pastel purple. books. angelcore. sitcoms. comics. dc. marvel. true crime stories. puppies.

DISLIKES ! pumpkins. school. getting old. my comfort characters dying. toxic wanda maximoff stans. thor antis. aaron echolls. stupid questions.


BYF slow replies, typos, use caps literally all the time, i swear A LOT, i talk like we've known each other for a long time & use pet names (don't hesitate to tell me if you are uncomfortable), i love to meet new people so you can text me whenever you want, my account's a safe space for myself and anyone that chooses to follow pls respect that

DNI basic dni criteria, toxic wanda fans, thor antis, hate any of my stans, kat graham, brie larson and/or emily vancamp slander, under 13

harleys in hawaii slowed

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11 Oct 2020

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